Airbus showcases a concept car that can fly

It is a modular concept car consisting a four-wheeled rolling platform

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus has teamed with the design firm Italdesign to create a flying-car concept, reports Car and Driver. Dubbed the Pop.Up, it is a two-seat city car with a modular concept that consists of a four-wheeled rolling platform, a passenger compartment, and a 14.4-foot-long by 16.4-foot-wide rooftop drone.

It was showcased at the Geneva Motor Show on Wednesday. It is a car that flies.

If the rolling chassis and rooftop drone are the bread of the Pop.Up, you could consider the carbon-fiber passenger compartment as the meat in the sandwich, says the blog on Car and Driver.

Airbus and Italdesign’s Pop.Up flying car debut at the Geneva Motor Show. Photo: Facebook

Measuring 102.4 inches long and 55.1 inches tall, the passenger module is truly a space for storing two people. Greeting passengers is a giant screen where one would

Watch: Airbus showcases a concept car that can fly

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